40 INCH Samsung TV UE40F8000

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For the ultimate in picture quality, quad-core powered smart tech and stunning design, the Samsung UE40F8000 is, once again, a true class leader.


For years, Samsung 8000-series TVs have enjoyed the reputation as amongst the finest TVs available, with a vivid picture quality. That is still the case with the F8000 today. With standard 3D, the UE40F8000 is better than ever with more convincing and brighter 3D images. The Samsung also offers the option of watching standard 2D video converted to 3D. Whether you're watching in 3D or 2D, the picture quality is the best yet from a Samsung LED screen. Helping the UE40F8000 achieve its class best picture is a feature called Micro Dimming Ultimate. This optimises contrast for deeper blacks and brighter whites. It also brings out levels of detail that would have previously been lost. In addition to Micro Dimming Ultimate, Samsung has worked hard to improve the picture quality with streamed video. As a result, the UE40F8000 now supports the HEVC High Compression video codec and offers class-leading picture performance with streamed videos. Other technologies that enhance the picture include Ultra Clear Panel and Clear Motion Rate 1000. The Ultra Clear Panel does as expected and eliminates the grimy look that can afflict some panels. Clear Motion, meanwhile, gets to grips with motion blur and scans the image so fast that blurred sports action is a thing of the past. With a refresh rate that's up from 800 to 1000Hz, images really are smoother than ever.


Although such a slim TV is never going to be able to offer sound that matches the picture, Samsung has worked hard to improve the audio performance. The UE40F8000 now features a powerful 40 watt amplifier with lower notes boosted by the built-in 2x10 watt subwoofer.


S Recommendation technology lets you discover more of the TV you love by suggesting what's new to watch based on what you like. It intelligently learns your preferences and instantly searches Live TV, video on demand services and apps to recommend TV and on line content tailored to you. Now you'll always know what's on without the need to look for it.


As soon as you turn your TV on, Samsung's Smart Hub provides immediate access to your favourite programmes through the ON TV panel. It intelligently organises and manages all your content into five easy to navigate panels. The intuitive interface uses vibrant thumbnails to provide instant previews to help you quickly and easily select what you want to watch. The five panels include: On TV; Movies & TV Shows; Photos, Videos & Music; Social; Apps.


Your TV is Future Ready with Samsung's Smart Evolution. Unique to Samsung, the Smart Evolution Kit completely reengineers your TV without you having to replace it. Now you can renew your TV to the latest technology in terms of performance, content and features, ensuring your TV remains cutting edge for a fraction of the cost of a new TV.


Intelligent viewing technology lets you enjoy best-in-class picture quality regardless of source or type of content that you're viewing. As it reduces picture imperfections related to the source and optimises the picture clarity based on the type of content your viewing, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy what you're watching.


Smart Interaction lets you interact with your TV in a whole new way through advanced Voice and Motion control. Simply talk to your TV to control it or, using everyday language, just ask it to find you something to watch for an amazing personalised TV experience. The Motion control lets you simply wave at the TV and take charge. You can change channels and the volume level with ease, swipe though the five panel Smart Hub and grab and select the content you want just like you would on any smart mobile device. New two-handed gestures recognition lets you use natural movements to zoom in and out and rotate images and make sharing your latest holiday pictures both easy and fun.



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