We are a family company with over 40 years’ experience within Returns from High Street markets. Clothing, Electrical, Housewares. TVs, Furniture,  Toys, Garden. Over the years we have built up reputable relationships with leading suppliers of High Street Returns Retailers, working directly with the big High Street names, we are clearing their current and last season’s stock. (See Website)

As the largest stockists of High Street Returns in Europe, we would like to help you to source the goods you require at the lowest price possible. Due to the turnaround of our goods on a daily basis we cannot provide you with a catalogue but we like to welcome you to our Warehouse in Nottingham (Robin Hood County) to view our vast selection of goods. read more

Review Marthill’s for Start-ups, Come and see us at Marthill

Its that time of year and the usual round of trade is at its high from onliners, car-booters and retailers.

Let Business begin.

We have some amazing special offers new return products and ranges to introduce to our customers.

Branded stock, Licensed stock arriving daily.

Buy1 Get1 free offers. Starter packs for beginners. Advice and experience for start-ups and guidance.

We look forward to seeing you.
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Following the announcement last week that Marthill International Ltd has again been the number 1 supplier to Car-Booters, Market Traders, Ebays and Online sellers according to a recent survey.
Marthill celebrated the sun shine with the East Coast traders opening for the season with the Summer products.

The Marthill International Ltd team were out in force to supply the demand.
‘It’s such an honour with 40 years servicing the same industry and watching small businesses blossom year in year out and working with generation after generation.’
Marthill are working close with their International and UK suppliers to offer the best products at rock bottom prices
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