How to Become a Trader, Car- booter, Ebayer, Online Seller, Market Seller?

There are many different ways to buy & sell but becoming a Trader there is one. The key is finding a supplier and finding the Market Place to sell the products which is simple in todays climate. Ebay, Gumtree, Amazon, Car-boots, Markets, Online Platforms, Facebook, Gone are the days of Del & Rodney Trotters Independent Traders becoming street sellers. Everybody is looking for a bargain Pound Shops and the Big Discount Stores have proven that in a Billion Pound industry. You would have the same concept buying products at heavily discounted prices and then selling them on at a discounted price giving the customer value for money and yourself satisfaction with generous profits. A good Supplier will help you on your Start-up Trader journey by advising you about Seasonal Selling, Bargain Selling, Discount Selling, and what is hot on the market and what to keep away from leading you to success with your venture. read more

Last Chance, Stock Selling Fast!

I know this is the last thing that you want to hear, however Christmas is just around the Corner….. We have just had delivered Christmas Trees pallets and they are selling like Hot Cakes with Traders stocking up for the Silly Season. We also have Brand New Clearance Disney Clothing and Branded Toys people cannot get enough of these. So why not take a look on our website, give us a call or pay us a visit at the warehouse You Don’t Want to Miss Out!