Marthill International Ltd Wholesalers for Clearance and Returns

Marthill International Ltd Wholesale is a Returns Clearance Overstock Specialist Company based in Nottingham UK. We have an experienced team with over 40 years of trading who have the skills to buy and sell across a wide range of categories such as Toys & Nursery, Books, Stationery, Party & Greetings, Seasonal, Gifts, Homeware, Home Electrical, Hardware and DIY, Car Care and Sports & Leisure. Ideal stocks for all types of Retailers.

Branded Toys NEW Arriving 10th May 2018

Marthill International supplies Clearance Branded merchandise directly to wholesalers and retailers.

Success in Clearance Branded Merchandise is more than just great names. You need innovative, well-designed and aggressively-priced merchandise that catches your customers’ eyes and represents fantastic values.

This is where Marthill International excels, products offerings include the best values in toys for children and Character Clothing. Marthill’s prices unbeatable and lead where others follow with supplies. read more

We All Started Somewhere!

What started small with one Market Stall, the simple idea of selling more for less, Marthill have grown over the last 30 years into the largest Wholesaler worldwide, with a large distribution warehouse in the heart of the UK. Each week, over 1000s of customers and members visit our business most then trading worldwide, our e-commerce website has helped our customers trade with us from their retail businesses to economise on ones expenses and time to trade competitively to earn extra cash in the UK and other countries. Marthill is supporting its customers in reselling as they know what the customer needs and wants to be earning cash within the industry of the returns and clearance stocks. read more

Knock, Knock … Who’s There? Marthill’s Delivery Service.

It’s 9 a.m., and it already feels like a long day. You know your schedule is only going to get busier. How will you serve your customers if you don’t have time to visit Marthill your Trusted Wholesaler?

We have a new answer for you: Don’t worry. Keep doing what you’re doing. We can deliver those pallets to your front door.
By the end of the year, this option will be a reality for more than 70% of UK re sellers Marthill Customers Online Pallet delivery.

Here’s how it works:
1. To order, customers visit and place your order, selecting your pallets for the order to be delivered. read more

EASTER SALE Season Starts Wednesday 21st March 9.00am Ready for Resalers, Carbooters, Market Traders, Start-ups.

To make money as a reseller of any kind, your main focus should be the products.

In honor of the 2018 Marthill International Ltd Trade, we decided to let you know what we think are the best-selling products to sell in 2018.

Garden Accessories, Pet Care Accessories, Tools, Toys, Camping, Disney Clothing.

Let 2018 be the year you take action and hit your goals in MAKING EXTRA CASH.
Marthill are now having to open Saturdays due to the demand 10am – 4pm and Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

Yours sincerely read more

Spring Season is Upon Us Ready for Garden, Camping, Pets Cash Earner Products to Begin! DONT MISS OUT

Spring Season is Upon Us Ready for Garden, Camping, Pets Cash Earner Products on Top Of Your Day Job to Begin! DONT MISS OUT

Garden accessories arriving End of February 2018 NOTE

Camping accessories Arrived February 2018

Pet accessories Arrived February 2018

Ideal for buyers & sellers, Start ups, Start Earning Extra Cash and Enjoy what you are Selling.

Marthill International Ltd opening Times Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm