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When starting a new business whether it is online, car boots, market trading, Ebay, Facebook, retail shop it can be very confusing and time consuming. With many years of experience in the Wholesale industry the key points that you should be looking for are the below, I have done a check list to help you on your journey when buying your stock:

  • The products you buy must be at competitive prices for you to sell on again, you can achieve this on Returns Stock as it is sold at a fraction of the retail price allowing you to make a generous profit.
  • The season is about to begin for Car-Boots and garden products. Toys, Nursery and Clothing that sell all year round with Household products, Christmas stock starts selling in middle to the end of August with in increase sales in toys.
  • You need a Wholesaler that carries the stock, are open on a Saturday including 5 weeks days that can cater for your stock levels and can offer you their experience by working together with you helping you increase your sales and grow your business.
  • The supplier Wholesaler must be able to deliver within 24 hours so your stock limits are not low and sale do not drop.
  • It is best to get on first name terms with your wholesaler supplier so that you know and have regular updates when stock is arriving.
  • The Wholesaler that you are working with must allow you to visit the wholesale business without an appointment as and when you need the stock and being in business can be time consuming.
  • The supplier must always be fully stocked for you and have a 24 hour website for you to visit at your own leisure.

Hope the above is helpful.

Many Thanks

Team Marthill

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