Disney Clothing

I brought Disney Clothing at Marthill tryed a pallet last month and sold it so quickly that I had to go back the following week this time I picked up...


Highly recommend, no issues, great products always a* service

Great Product

Visited Marthill for the first time very welcoming staff and great product. Cant wait to visit again. Thanks all xx

Clothing & Toys

My Christmas has come early so many New Clearance toys & kids Disney clothing I could only fit 3 pallets in to the van going back for more at...

New customer

I created an account Sunday night and ordered my first pallet, I spoke to Marthill over the phone the staff was very helpful, i had some further...

Pallet Information

Our pallets can be categorised into an extensive range of products which include clothing, hardware, white goods, audio, furniture, electrical, toys, floor covering, watches and jewellery, footwear, branded sportswear, designer wear, household textiles and exercise equipment. Our pallets are individual job lots – no two pallets are the same. Just take a look to see the full amazing range.

Each pallet is carefully shrink wrapped and has its own list showing a stock of everything contained on the pallet. The pallet list gives you a clear indication of the price you pay and what the retail value is.

We have fast and efficient delivery service that can deliver goods anywhere in the world. Next day delivery to any destination is also available for pallets or cartons. We can deliver up to 26 pallets with a maximum weight of 1000Kg per pallet, for more information please read our Transport and delivery section.

Grades Explained


In general returns are basically items that have been ordered from the source company and have been sent back by the customer. There are many reasons as to why products have been returned. They could be faulty, the wrong color, box damaged and unwanted gift, not as described by the catalogue, parts missing. Or returned for the simple reason they have a guarantee and the customer have changed there mind. However all returns are untested and unchecked raw returns. Marthill sell returned stock on the understanding that the purchaser will repair, rework or recycle the product to be fit for resale. Or alternatively to be sold as a second hand product as bought from Marthill. With catalogue returns there is a large profit to be made as the items are sold at a small % of the total retail value.


Clearance items are stock no longer carried by the source company as a way of making room for new stock. Hence – (clearance). These items are sent by large mail order companies and are believed to be in perfect condition, you may find a small number of items that may have slight defects. We then sell these on at a small % of the retail value, giving you the customer a higher rate of profit.

Grade 1

Grade 1 products are simply returns that have been tested and checked. They have been found to be practically brand new with all parts and no defects. They may have slightly distressed packaging. Grade 1 products are a very easy clean line to sell as not much work is needed to make the products suitable for sale. A small percentage of packaging may show some signs of transit with the occasional box having been opened.

Grade 2

These are products that have been returned they have been tested and found to be faulty or damaged in some way. They may have missing parts or have very visible signs of use. These are sold at a very small % of the retail value and are ideal for car-booters.